"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer..."

I remember the first time I ever saw a competitive dance couple during one of their training sessions. It gave me an incredible feeling and I couldn't stop thinking about them afterward. Consequently, I was confronted with the enormous urge to want to learn that too. So I decided to join various dance courses, and, with my first dance partner, was soon directed to pursue further training for tournaments. After arduous daily training, for at least two or three hours per day, not to mention taking part in many tournaments - most of which in Germany -, we quickly ascended to the next higher classes as ten dancers (ballroom and latin). 

The life of a dancer is a fickle one, with many challenges to face from all directions throughout ones career. For example, change of dance partner. These challenges also include, of course, the usual hurdles in life, such as business, further education or even family.

I met with one of my most favourite dance partners from London, and together we developed a strong bond and our dancing styles, including show dance. Unfortunately, after my studies I was encouraged to relocate, in order to obtain more possibilities for my future. During this period, I had to take a break from dancing, which was a very hard decision for us both. But as fate would have it, we met each other in Munich again and we continued where we left off with our dancing career.

We are currently part of a latin and ballroom dance company in Munich and are happy to be able to offer you:

SPECIAL SHOWS (for a midnight event, birthday party, company celebration, balls and other live events) 


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